Staking ( Phase 2 )

Enjoy rewards regardless of Bull or Bear – Make money all year round! Off Season doesn’t mean you need to feel off. Not feeling like betting? Not a problem. With a staking mechanism that helps you build your wealth and token capital, get up to 20% APY and get ready to roll come the next season. Semi-dynamic APY adjustment will ensure the fair distribution of tokens to prevent hyperinflation. In addition, staking gets you access to great platform and transaction fee discounts – up to 70%! You just can’t go wrong when you GoBetty! plans to introduce new games in the future ranging from Football to Basketball including esports and other conventional games such as cricket and the like. A central end goal for us here at GoBetty is to use this platform to develop an open, gamified economy. Our vision is a platform that caters to both hardcore “single sport” fans and casual global gamers alike. Whether fans want to leverage their FaNFT boosts to develop a winning edge or want to interact with multiple games across different sports, is your gateway to do it.

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