Melting (Coming soon)

A word of caution though! FaNFT swaps come with an element of risk - they are subject to melt rates (read that as inbuilt destruction rates)- but that risk can have huge payoffs! If successful, you'll be the proud owner of a shining new FaNFT, all ready to roll for the next Season, Game or League!

Chance of meltdown while swapping/updating a FaNFT for a new season:

Gold: 25% chance of FaNFT loss

Silver: 50% chance of FaNFT loss

Bronze: 75% chance of FaNFT loss

Remember, refreshing a higher tiered FaNFTs keep the melt risk to a minimum, so keep hustling to maximize your chances and get as many Gold class FaNFTs as you can!

Heart too weak to take the risk? Don't want to part with your favorite FaNFT? Or simply can’t decide? No worries! Here at GoBetty, we want you to be yourself. Our GoBetters are our priority. You decide your play style. You make the rules. We love you either way! Hold on to your old FaNFTs for a while and enjoy subsidized transaction fees while getting new FaNFTs separately only when you're ready!

Go classic, stay current or get the best of both worlds. The possibilities are limitless. Regardless of your play style, there are options for being rewarded. Remember, here at GoBetty, no Bet is a bad bet.

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