GoBetty FaNFT Marketplace (coming soon)

Didn't manage to mint your ideal Seasonal FaNFT? No worries! Get your in-demand FaNFTs with a click of a button or a tap of your screen, without GoBetty FaNFT Marketplace! Prices change depending on supply, demand, and utility. Keep an eye on the prices in the marketplace to maybe snag an off-season FaNFT at a steal if you missed your chance! GoBetty Fans can list their FaNFTs at any price they want – but that doesn’t mean they’ll get snapped up right away! The GoBetty Marketplaces adds yet another layer of fun and excitement!

Here at GoBetty, transparency is our priority; only the cheapest FaNFT’s prices are visible to buyers. Once that’s sold, the next lowest price is sold and becomes the current public value. These prices are updated in real-time, so GoBetters can strategize and even gamify the marketplace! The GoBetty marketplace ensures our tokens have real utility. Traded in a sub-environment, the acquisition of your favorite FaNFTs becomes a mini-game.

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