FaNFTs Gamefi

In addition to the obvious aspects of e-sports and e-gaming (and the associated levels of fun that you can expect), GoBetty is proud to present a deeper element to the already almost perfect realm of gaming. Our FaNFTs!

FaNFTs - if you haven't figured it out - are our unique NFTs that are designed and built around the gaming Fan, for the singular purpose of serving our GoBetters and enhancing their play and interactive element. Our FaNFTs – available for purchase with limited stocks – will revolutionize the gaming experience, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We'll share more about what this means later on, so bear with us.

To fully immerse and enjoy the GoBetty ecosystem, our GoBetty Fans should equip themselves with FaNFTs. Aside from the various benefits stated above, FaNFT ownership completes the experience by allowing GoBetters to be a part of and connect with gaming and reward elements of GoBetty - both in and out of season. There's something for everyone!

Click on to find out more about the excitement that our FaNFTs will bring to the GoBetty Experience!

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