Our vision is to become the world’s leading blockchain-based sports and esports community, where players and fans can network, participate and compete on a global scale. To do this, we have created the GoBetty platform that leverages crowdsourcing and prediction markets in order to bring excitement through e-sports and gaming. Our aim is to reward our community with GBY tokens within our ecosystem and provide a sense of value proposition by highlighting their importance within our system.

The E-sports and e-gaming industries are sunrise industries putting a modern spin on good old-fashioned gaming. They attract everyone – including the young, affluent, and tech-savvy. Most early cryptocurrency adopters fit that profile too. Along with the mass adoption of digital polling, voting, and crowd-solutions that are commonplace in all aspects of online socials today – they represent a vast market with untapped potential.

GoBetty addresses that gap. GoBetty brings the thrill of the game to the comfort of your screen. A platform where esports and e-gamers gain access to the ultimate gaming experience, where they can turn the whole world into their gaming hub. From supporting their favorite sports teams and leagues – to even making outcome predictions on anything and everything under the sun – there’s something for everyone. The GoBetty website and platform, powered by the GoBetty (GBY) token – makes this all possible via the application of a scalable, blockchain-based purchasing and utility infrastructure.

In addition to this upfront upside, GoBetty allows investors and HODLers a self-sustaining and renewable source of passive income as GoBetters use the platform to game and make life-changing decisions, stay ahead of the game with bonus features unlocked by owning GoBetty FaNFTs, while buying and selling back and forth amongst themselves.

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