What makes GoBetty’s FaNFTs different? Be Fans with Benefits!

Our FaNFTs will come packed with so much utility - a stark contrast to a vast number of so-called 'NFTs' that are currently sitting around gathering dust in hundreds of thousands of wallets around the world.

Make frequent predictions on GoBetty and want to save on transaction fees (yes, we are blockchain-based after all). Want to tell the world you’re a top-class fan of a player, team or country? Why not do both at the same time? With FaNFTs, show your alliances loud and proud, while enjoying huge savings on transaction fees so you pay less to do things you love!

So just what exactly are FaNFTs?

Well, they can come in any shape, size or form. They can be based on Teams, Players and even Countries, depending on the Seasons, Leagues, Games and on what's hot at the moment! It all depends on just how creative our developers and our communities want to be! As part of game design, FaNFTs are randomized and are always a mystery!

FaNFTs purchased can allow GoBetty Fans to enjoy up to a whopping 40% reduction in fees for all predictions and game interactions made. FaNFTs also get you access to prize pools depending on the season. And the best part is, this is just the beginning!

Want a tease of what's under the sheets? FaNFT holders may also gain access to our proprietary BettyVision - providing you with expert opinion and analysis to sharpen your edge for that winning advantage

Maximize your gains and win double! With FaNFTs, the possibilities are endless!

So unlike those NFTs everywhere else that overpromise and underdeliver - we at GoBetty have put much thought into creating an ecosystem that works, and that is sustainable! Click next to find out more!

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