Rarities, Tiers and Levels

Like many other NFT concepts out there, our FaNFTs come with various types of grades and rarities - Gold, Silver and Bronze - with 10%, 20% and 70% chances of obtaining or minting them respectively. There's always excitement to be found at GoBetty.

Gold Class FaNFT: 10% chance to mint / obtain

Silver Class FaNFT: 20% chance to mint / obtain

Bronze Class FaNFT: 70% chance to mint / obtain

Can’t decide? Then why not a mix of both? Hold on to your old FaNFTs for a while and enjoy subsidized platform fees while getting new FaNFTs separately only when you're ready! Go classic, stay current or get the best of both worlds. The possibilities are limitless. Regardless of your play style, there are options for being rewarded. Remember, here at GoBetty, no Bet is a bad bet.

Okay now tell me how to trade my old FaNFTs for some new ones! I wanna stay ahead of the game!

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